M19: Top Cards for Limited

New website, new article! Just in time for my favourite limited cards in M19!

We are going to talk about the top 3 cards in each colour broken down by rarity. Let get started!



3. Cleansing Nova

Board wipes tend to thrive in limited as they are usually hard to play around.

2. Leonin Warleader

A 4 cost 4/4 that makes 2 creatures is an awesome deal. Combine this with a combat trick and you have effectively won the match.

1. Resplendent Angel

This card is a must answer or lose card. White has enough life gain that you might even be able to trigger this on the first end step it comes down.


3. Militia Bugler

I like this card a lot. White has many creatures to hit off the ability and a 2/3 on offense and defense is nothing to scoff at.

2. Herald of Faith

Relevant stats, evasion, and a triggered ability that has synergy with many cards. This will be a big player in limited.

1. Hieromancer’s Cage

Unconditional removal is always a premium.


3. Take Vengeance

I might be a little higher on this card than some, but conditional removal is still better than cheap filler creatures.

2. Angel of the Dawn

This is one heck of a beating for a common!

1. Luminous Bonds

I remember this being fantastic in whatever previous set it was in and I expect it to be the same in M19.




3. Mystic Archaeologist

The value on this card could be through the roof. 2 or more activations on this would be absurd.

2. Djinn of Wishes

You know whats better than casting your spells? Casting them for free! And on a solid body to boot.

1. Tezzeret, Artifice Master

Planeswalkers that make a body on entry have traditionally been (near) unstoppable in limited.


3. Exclusion Mage

Man O’ War is great, period.

2. Horizon Scholar

Cloudreader Sphinx was a top blue uncommon in Dominaria. This is 1 extra mana for an extra point of power, which is not a steep price to pay.

1. Sift

I’m a sucker for card draw.


3. Scholar of Stars

In blue this ability is not hard to trigger making it a super good deal for 4 mana.

2. Divination

Again… card draw.

1. Omenspeaker

This is one hell of a 2 drop at common!




3. Isareth the Awakener

The ability is great early when this can survive combat and insane late when it can get back a massive threat and trades with relevant creatures.

2. Demon of Catastrophes

Finding a dork to sacrifice for this monster should not be that hard.

1. Bone Dragon

If you can even get this back once it’s insane.


3. Nightmare’ Thirst

Cheap “sort of” removal is good and with an ability to become better constitutes a must play.

2. Rise from the Grave

I like this card a lot because you can target something in your opponent’s graveyard.

1. Murder

It was great before and it will be great again.


3. Strangling Spores

More removal at the common level. I was pretty unimpressed with the black commons, but removal is always good.

2. Skymarch Bloodletter

I made a conscious effort to include something that wasn’t removal. In every format that I have played this card it has made every black deck I’ve created.

1. Litch’s Caress

The additional life gain is better than the additional loyalty counters from settle the score… Most of the time.




3. Spit Flame

I think this card is really cool. With even 1 dragon this goes from good to great.

2. Demanding Dragon

This gets a little awkward if your opponent has a lot of tokens, but you will always play this in a red aggressive deck.

1. Laithliss, Dragon Queen

Man this is a huge intensive to play those uncommon and common dragons.


3. Volley Veteran

I’m not gunna lie, I struggled with this one. With a couple goblins it could be solid.

2. Volcanic Dragon

6 mana for a flying, haste dragon is a reasonable price. The red uncommons have not been great so far.

1. Lightning Strike

Now were talking!


3. Sparktongue Dragon

On curve this is pretty good. Late game top deck that could bring you back if you are behind.

2. Electrify

Usually a top tier red uncommon.

1. Shock

Any target and cheap puts this above electrify.




3. Pelakka Wurm

If this dies before you get to attack you still came out ahead.

2. Vivien Reid

These are 3 great abilities, but the fact that she cannot completely protect herself costs her the top stop.

1. Hungering Hydra

This card is great early or late and becomes busted with combat tricks.


3. Reclamation Sage

This is a great way to main deck sideboard cards.

2. Vigilant Baloth

Offense beater that is hard to attack against. Passes the Colossal Dreadmaw test (what?)

1. Dryad Greenspeaker

This card is just pure value and a decent early blocker.


3. Daggerback Basilisk

This is the 2nd best removal spell in green.

2. Elvish Rejuvenator

Ramp on a body is generally great… even if there is a chance you miss.

1. Rabid Bite

The only removal spell in green surprisingly takes the top spot!



3. Arcades, the Strategist

There were only the elder dragons to choose from here. Arcades takes spot 3 due to its low casting cost. Pick up a couple of defenders and its even better.

2. Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner

Reasonable cost to stats ratio and guarantees you either 1 block or 1 attack.

1. Nicol Bolas, the Ravager

Woah vomit. If you are in green/white I would consider splashing this.


3. Draconic Disciple

Ramping early in RG seems great and late game summons a real threat.

2. Skyrider Patrol

Left unchecked this will take over the game.

1. Psychic Symbiont

Unlike the previous 2, this gets immediate value.


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Scott Janssen