Guilds of Ravnica – Limited Power Rankings

We are going to talk about the top 3 cards in each colour broken down by rarity. Let get started!



3. Light of the Legion

Light of the Legion

Solid stats, evasion, and ability.

2. Venerated Loxodon

Venerated Loxodon

Cheap creatures can make this card come down on turn 3 or 4 making your entire team huge.

1. Dawn of Hope

Dawn of Hope

This card is an insane mana sink that is hard to interact with.


3. Sunhome Stalwart

Sunhome Stalwart

Cheap creatures will be a premium in white decks and this is a good one.

2. Roc Charger

Roc Charger

Cards like this have been great in the past and I expect the Roc to be the same.

1. Conclave Tribunal

Conclave Tribunal

A potentially cheaper Cast Out is something I will always play.


3. Righteous Blow

Righteous Blow

White looks like it wants to be attacking enough that this will be better than you think, buuut that’s just a hunch.

2. Parhelion Patrol

Parhelion Patrol

This is hard enough to tangle with in combat that I’m happy to play it with the upset of making my dorks better.

1. Luminous Bonds

Luminous Bonds

I would play 10 if I could.




3. Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing

I don’t know how good this is in limited, I’m mainly putting it here to talk about how absurd this is going to be in constructed.

2. Quasiduplicate


If you have 2 creatures where cloning them puts you far ahead then this is going to be fantastic.

1. Dream Eater

Dream Eater

This costs a little much but it is still a bomb.


3. Chemister’s Insight

Chemister's Insight


2. Murmuring Mystic

Murmuring Mystic

In a UR spells deck this can run away with the game.

1. Nightveil Sprite

Nightveil Sprite

I do think Surveil is going to be a fantastic mechanic, having it on a cheap stick is even better.


3. Muse Drake

Muse Drake

I really value card draw on a body.

2. Capture Sphere

Capture Sphere

A fine(ish) removal(adjacent) spell.

1. Watcher in the Mist

Watcher in the Mist

This is better than Cloudreader Sphinx.




3. Midnight Reaper

Midnight Reaper

Sacrifice effects turn this into a real threat.

2. Blood Operative

Blood Operative

In a dedicated Surveil deck this represents a nightmare for your opponent.

1. Doom Whisperer

Doom Whisperer

Windmill slam this.


3. Necrotic Wound

Necrotic Wound

This is mostly here because of how cheap it is, it takes a little work but can be great.

2. Plaguecrafter


Using this requires crafty(haha) playing, but I have found this effect to be generally useful.

1. Price of Fame

Price of Fame

Surveil 2 puts this over the top.


3. Burglar Rat

Burglar Rat

Not the best body, but a nice effect.

2. Dead Weight

Dead Weight

Always a useful common.

1. Deadly Visit

Deadly Visit

This is almost as good as the uncommon!




3. Arclight Phoenix

Arclight Phoenix

There wasn’t a lot of competition for this spot, but a 4 mana 3/2 flying haste is a fine deal, the ability may be difficult to turn on in limited.

2. Risk Factor

Risk Factor

Eight damage to the face is not nothing, if it is lethal then you get to ancestral (spoiler: either way you win).

1. Legion Warboss

Legion Warboss

Sure I will just make a massive army of 1/1’s.


3. Hellkite Whelp

Hellkite Whelp

This is a nice little beater, picking off x/1’s is a nice upside.

2. Goblin Cratermaker

Goblin Cratermaker

Versatility is hard to come by these days and this creature is cheap and screams versatility.

1. Lava Coil

Lava Coil

Cheap, efficient, and hits most important things… I’m in.


3. Gravitic Punsh

Gravitic Punch

It’s not the greatest removal spell, but having Jump-Start puts this in the top 3.

2. Barging Sergeant

Barging Sergeant

I think this card is going to be great in most red decks, in a racing situation you always need to be aware this card exists.

1. Command the Storm

Command the Storm

A little expensive but will get the job done most of the time.




3. Pelt Collector

Pelt Collector

Played on turn one this card has the potential to be absurd.

2. Beast Whisperer

Beast Whisperer

Play a ton of creatures and never run out of gas.

1. NullhideFerox

Nullhide Ferox

As weird as this card is, it’s stats are insane.


3. District Guide

District Guide

This gets dual lands.

2. Circuitous Route

Circuitous Route

This gets dual lands and puts them on the battlefield!?

1. Affectionate Indrik

Affectionate Indrik

Even if you just pick off a 1/1 you never pass on a straight up 2 for 1.


3. Generous Stray

Generous Stray

A fine deal for 3 mana.

2. Urban Utopia

Urban Utopia

It’s hard to put a price on good mana and playing this will depend on how many colours you are playing, but there are enough good multi-colour threats that having access to this AND having it cycle makes it really appealing.

1. Prey Upon

Prey Upon

There are enough green fatties that I think this card may be better than we’ve seen before.


Quick note on the multicoloured cards… If you are thinking “what is Scott thinking?! (Insert Card) is way better than (Insert Card I Picked)!” I totally get it. I will admit I was a little bias to guilds I like (Dimir, Izzet, Golgari, in that order), but that doesn’t change the fact that these cards are powerful. However, the majority of the multicoloured cards are really powerful in their respective decks. As a result it was hard to make these rankings.


3. Assassin’s Trophy

Assassin's Trophy

There is a lot to choose from in the multi-colour cards so this was difficult, but I could not leave Trophy off the list, this is in the top 3 best removal spells ever printed.

2. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice

Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice

If this could not target itself it would not make the list, the fact that it can makes this card nuts.

1. Ral, Izzet Viceroy

Ral, Izzet Viceroy

There are plenty of spells to choose from in UR that having the -3 remove a threat seems likely enough.


3. League Guildmage

League Guildmage

The multi-coloured uncommons are almost all great so this was really hard. This fits right into any UR deck and is good early and great late.

2. House Guildamge

House Guildmage

Another guildmage that just provides tonnes of value.

1. Golgari Findbroker

Golgari Findbroker

This is a 2 for 1, take whatever advantages to can get.


3. Rosemane Centaur

Rosemane Centaur

There are many ways to make tokens and many cheap creatures that I’m happy to play it in all my GW decks.

2. Hypothesizzle


This card is super strong, UR has a lot of tools in it’s arsenal that I believe it will be the best archtype.

1. Notion Rain

Notion Rain

Remember Read the Bones? This is much, much better.


Until next time,


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Scott Janssen