MTG Team – Incentive Structure

MTG Team


  1. Atlas Swag – Incentives for wearing said swag (outlined below).
  2. Creative Outlet – Need somewhere to post an article or video – want to make some extra coin? We offer a blog site we are looking to provide premium free content on. (outline below)
  3. Facebook Chat – We encourage a dialogue for planning events, testing decks, scheduling test groups, finance discussions, etc.
  4. Selling Program – Need to sell cards, and want to make 100% (minus Paypal and site fees)? We offer an outlet to sell your cards! (message Nick)


GP Coverage-
You will get:
$20 per Match Win on Camera Coverage
$10 per Match Loss on Camera Coverage
$50 in addition to coverage earnings for GP Top 8

We will be offering the above amounts to anyone wearing visible TeamAtlas Swag on coverage. This means the camera must pan to our logo and must be completely visible on coverage. It also means that you must be wearing our swag during your match (or 5 min prior, or side boarding, but it must be your match).

Comp REL Coverage (Including local events)-
We are also offering $10 for any Facebook picture hosted/posted by a store where your TeamAtlas swag is completely visible. Must be COMP REL (with the exception of F2F Opens, these will be included as COMP REL)


YouTube and Website Popularity-
If you write an Article or create a YouTube video that naturally gets 1000+ hits/views (does not count if we (the TeamAtlas founders) spend cash FB advertising the article/video). We will pay $10 per 1000 views (to a max of $50). This must only be hosted on (for articles) or on Atlas’ Youtube page with an AtlasCollectables loading video at the beginning.

All of these bonus earnings are at the discretion of the TeamAtlas founders.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to ask!


Swag Site (in progress)